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Why All Business Owners Need A Business Coach

Why All Business Owners Need A Business Coach

Many people have been asking and media channels have been interviewing me on my journey to success. I only have 1 answer for my success (not including all the mindset and attitude answers) – find a business mentor who will coach you to success.

I have analyzed all super duper successful business owners and found a commonality among them, all of them were mentored by a super duper successful business mentor. For instance, Anthony Robbins was the mentee of Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki was the mentee of his rich dad and even Warren Buffet had Ben Graham as a mentor too.

Here are the 5 reasons why all business owners need a business mentor:

1) Accountability

Seriously I am a lazy person. Everyone thinks that I am super motivated however if left in my own hands, I will be drinking coconut juice under a tree and relaxing near the sea. That’s me without any accountability.

I realized that I needed someone to whip me and kick me into shape when my business started early and soon found an amazing female mentor who would check on my progress periodically. Subsequently, I started to drift back into laziness and sit on my laurels. I then hired 2 more business coaches and put skin into the game by investing 5 figures monthly with them to ramp up the business.

They keep me on top of the game and make sure that I execute everything that I promise and agree to. Plus because of the hefty investment, I make sure that I work doubly hard to increase the business revenue.

2) Being Motivated And Inspired

Motivation is the key essence why people succeed in their business, however motivation slips and changes, therefore frequent motivation dosages is needed. Definitely, all business owners are motivated in their own way, however there are days when everything crumbles and you want to crawl under your blanket.

This is when the business coach comes in, pushes, nudges, hugs and kicks you from the sorry state and puts you back into the peak performance state.

3) Questioned And Challenged

Many business owners fail to gain enough traction because they sink into their comfort zone and keep doing the same things over and over, somewhat similar to a hamster running in a hamster wheel. Despite how fast you run, nothing really works.

A mentor comes in steps in to analyze and critique how you are running your business operations and puts you out of your comfort zone. If things were working out, it would have already succeeded. In order to get a different result, things need to change completely and your coach will question and challenge your business paradigms.

4) See The Big Picture

Many business owners often work very hard for the few years and slowly creep into slower and slower momentum. The big exciting picture is slowly falling apart because daily challenges wear them out. On top of this, the future seems bleak and they are no longer excited by it.

Collaborating with my business coaches has helped me see the big picture beyond my current abilities. Their businesses are often 10 to 1,000 times bigger than mine and they know the potential of my business better than me.

5) Being Listened

Business owners are lonely people. Its official and we cannot deny the fact. Out of every 10 people, on average, only 2 people are business owners. Plus our friends do not enjoy us talking non-stop about our business (which is probably the thing that is 90% in my mind), therefore, we keep our mouths shut. However, in the daily grind, many happy and frustrating things happen and we need to discuss with someone experienced about it to gain a different perspective. I really enjoy speaking to my business coaches because they all have a different perspective and sometimes, I see them as my oracle to all the challenges. (which is really fun and useful.)

Imagine being kept accountable, being motivated and encouraged and challenged, plus having a super exciting big vision to work towards and having a supportive shoulder to lie on during tough times. Do you think working towards your 5 figures, 6 figures or 7 figures business would be much easier? It has helped me grow a business from zero to 7 figures within a very short time frame.

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