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How to Stop Procrastination And Finally Start Making Money

How to Stop Procrastination And Finally Start Making Money

The main reason why people cannot make good money, besides not having a clear plan is procrastination. The truth is that if you cannot manage your time, you cannot make good money.

Here are 3 steps to finally get out of the fog and start executing properly:

1) Isolate Yourself

The best way to get your important work started is to isolate yourself and forbid yourself from drinking, eating or watching tv until you finish task A which will finally you some good money.

Lock yourself in your home or rent a space (if needed) and do not switch on your email or Facebook. You should only allow Google.com if you need to do research or ideally turn the computer off because it is a huge distraction too.

That is why sometimes I take holidays to focus on my work or fly with my selected collaborators to make sure that there is no distractions in executing the business plans.

2) Create Circumstances To Take Action

In life, most people do not take action until there is a sense of urgency or deadline, therefore most of them do not take real action. The best way to get started is to create circumstances that will force you to take action.

Some suggestions:

  • Join a seminar to immerse yourself completely in the topic and use peer pressure of classmates to get moving
  • Hire a mentor to kick your butt and reprimand you when you are slacking.
    (I use this and it works really well.)
  • Find an accountability partner to check on your work

3 Prioritize and Learn To Let Go

One of the reasons why people do not execute in time is because they are swapped with work and cannot find time. Therefore, one way is to evaluate all the tasks in the list and decide which one is to get started on. Sometimes, all the tasks look important and what do you do?

Hire someone online:

  • Go to portals like odesk.com or elance.com or fiverr.com to hire a freelance online and its really cheap to get quality people because of the currency changes

Another way to recognize that not all tasks need to be completed and learn to drop some tasks and in the future, you will then embark on them when the time is rest.

With these tips, its time to focus and really start making good money with your time.

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