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Billionaire Success Mindsets

Billionaire Success Mindsets

After an amazing masterminding with my lovely friends and intensive coaching with my billionaire mentor, I have returned to Singapore with a new mindset and perspective for 2013. Here are the 4 key mindset takeaways from the 4 days event.

1) Stick Your Head Down & Your Ass Up & Work Hard
This makes me laugh because it is literally what she said. Now, it is time to put your head down and ass up and start working. Stop procrastinating because business needs speed and the person who executes fastest earns the most. Every minute in delay is a loss in potential income. When you start taking action too, the execuses drop away.

2) Go Where The Money Is
Most people choose to go the “perceived easy way” and target the low hanging fruits. It is also where the rest of the competitors are fighting to snatch a section of the income pie. Stop looking at the floor and stick your head up to look at the gold on top of the tree. Target high for the stars and you will realize that no one is there because no one got over their inner voice to target these people.

3) Stop Building Hurdles
Most people question if they can charge premium prices and target super high end clients. However in asking the questions, they are building hurdles in that 100 metre sprint to success. Most people spend too much time building hurdles than training to complete that sprint. Next time, you question yourself, zip your mouth and stick your head down and ask up to start doing work!

4) Someone Can Always Do It
Another reason why people stop themselves from completing tasks is because they think that they need to do it all. However, I realize that there is always someone who can complete that task because there are so many highly skilled individuals everywhere. Visit Elance.com and Odesk.com to hire these people. We came up with a new product idea and immediately, I asked her, How do I do this? She said – Go to Elance.com and I found these people within a day and they are working on the task now. The joys of the internet world.

If you shift your perspective with these 4 success mindsets, I guarantee you that you will be unstoppable in 2013. See you at the top!

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