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It is Time to Make More Money with Your Internet Marketing Skills using Simple and Effective
Offline Methods!

Dear (Future) Internet Marketing Consultant,

Congratulations, now you know how to generate leads through the internet. Now you are looking to share your knowledge and help others who want to get customers through the internet. However, you are still confused about acquiring clients.

Good news for you, I am going to peel back the curtains about how I built a 5 figures internet marketing consultancy within 3 months and share how you can profit through sharing your knowledge with others too.

Let’s go back to how I started my internet marketing consultancy first. During the first year of launching my music websites, which generated good income for me, I realized my companies that I worked with were referring many of their friends who wanted to go online.

In this process, I realized 2 things:

Firstly, all companies want to go online however many of them can’t for two reasons:

  • They have no idea on how to go online
  • They cannot afford to hire an internet marketing consultant who usually charges around $7,000 and more per project

It also meant that there was a massive market hungry for my services if I charged around $4,000 to $6,000 per project because the rates were super attractive compared to the market rate. Realizing this, I quickly put together my marketing plan on how to acquire more clients and built a 5 figures income internet marketing consultancy within 3 months. Even though now, I no longer consult one-to-one now, I realized many of my students or even other internet marketing consultants are struggling to profit from their brilliant internet marketing skills.

It is not that they were not skilled to help these companies acquire clients through the internet, however it was more that they were clueless about how to start prospecting clients, selling and even handing the project properly to ensure customer satisfaction.

There have been many requests from my students about a detailed step-by-step marketing process, guidance and done-for-them course that will help them profit and clinch 5 figures deals with their internet marketing skills. Therefore, this program is designed exactly to achieve those goals.

Introducing A Step By Step Program Where You Can Acquire Clients Easily And Add 5 Figures Into Your Pocket Monthly

This program is designed to build a 5 figures internet marketing with minimal effort.This course covers everything that you need to clinch your first client to enjoying several clients monthly.

This program covers ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I have to share regarding creating, promoting, and “profiting” from internet marketing skills that you can charge few thousands per project. Some would even say it gives you an UNFAIR advantage over others in your industry, but all I know is I’m sharing what works.

In 5 Figures Internet Marketing Consultancy, not only do I share the specific strategies I recommend, but I also give sales presentations templates that help you close the deal easily, marketing strategies to attract regular influx of clients looking for consultancy, flowcharts I use to run my internet marketing projects, building a team while giving you time to pursue more clients or simply have more free time. It’s truly the BUSINESS of internet marketing consultancy, A-Z.

Now Exactly, How Much Money Can I Earn?

Let’s put the figures into perspective, nearly every business owner wants to go online and many people want to launch their own business. However, most business owners are still depending on the traditional business model where they get referrals from previous clients, which also means that they are becoming increasingly frustrated with the slow business growth.

In fact, the demand for an online presence that converts is getting more and more important. In the past, as research shows 60% of the people would conduct research online before they head out to purchase a product or service.

Now, the figure has increased to 80%. This also means that business owners need to have a website that converts otherwise they face a risk of losing out on a huge chunk of the population who are already making decisions online.

With this massive demand for a website that converts, it means that there is a huge population seeking to improve or even launch their website online. If you clinch 1-2 clients per month (which is really easily), you can easily earn nearly $10,000 since you will charge around $4,000 per internet marketing consultancy.

Imagine enjoying $10,000 after closing 2 deals and being able to have more free time for yourself or your family while enjoying the good money. Would you like to enjoy more income while having more free time?

What If I Am New To Internet Marketing Consultancy?

Do not worry, there is still huge potential in the market and many people are simply looking to improve their online presence. As long you are able to help another company improve their branding or be found on Page 1 through Google advertising, you can still help them acquire clients through the internet and be paid nicely for adding value to their marketing.

Here is just a sampling of what I cover in the 5 Figures Internet Marketing Consultancy Program:

1) Preparing Mentally For Hitting 5 Figures Through A Mindset Shift

  • Preparing yourself the key mindsets to have a successful Internet marketing consultancy
  • The internal mindset shift that is required to your business from failure to success
  • The required company infrastructure before launching your online consultancy to ensure that it is stable and will support you as growth progresses

2) Stop Fighting On Price By CreatingA Stand Out Brand That Will Sell By Itself

  • Understand what people are really looking for and hit their hot buttons to induce them to contact you for more information
  • Crafting your critical marketing pieces that will attract prospects easily into your sales funnel
  • The powerful call for action on your website that will automatically get clients leaving their contact details and waiting patiently for you to return the call
  • The most common mistake that most internet marketing companies are doing and actually causing them to lose clients and how you can do something completely different and grow your clients database easily

3) How To Sell Non-aggressively and Get Clients To Sign The Deal With You With Minimal Effort

  • Key questions to prepare before any meeting to ensure that you get all the required information to make an easy sale
  • The key elements in your sales presentations that will excite them and immediately position you as an expert
  • The 3 secret sales techniques to easily move your prospect from hesitant to hot prospects within a few minutes
  • The pricing strategy that will make them feel that they have gotten a great deal from hiring you now and making a fast decision. (which means more money in your pocket quickly)

4) The Nitty Gritty Yet Important Section, How To Charge, Project Management For Happy Clients And Making Sure That You Get Paid On Time

  • The internet marketing industry pricing strategy and how you can price differently to earn good money while closing the sale easily
  • Reasons why most internet marketing consultancies never get paid on time and how you can change that
  • How to organize your workload and timelines to hit your customer goals while managing your time
  • Tapping into the Internet to build your virtual team and how to delegate to earn more while working less
So Exactly How Will I Receive The 5 Figures Internet Marketing Consultancy
Home Course?

You will enjoy a step-by-step methodology in conceptualizing, executing and clinching your clients easily through this home e-course.

4 Hours Audio Training Internet Marketing Consultancy Calls

I personally walk you through the 5 Figures Internet Marketing Consultancy program, providing an overview of the step by step content —and I often illustrate my tips and pointers by sharing real life instances and easily digestible content.

4 Internet Marketing Training Worksheets

  • Real-life EXAMPLES that illustrate what you’re reading and learning about.
  • Fun Action Steps for you to complete that not only help you retain what you’ve learned, but are designed to help you build your own brand to profit quickly
  • A fat APPENDIX section loaded with “extras” for each chapter, including notes, resources, and checklists so you won’t miss a thing!

See below for a complete list of all your BONUS materials

Here is just a sample of the additional bonuses that you will enjoy with this home course.

  • Sales Presentation Template That Converts Prospects Easily
  • Internet Marketing Project Timeline That Will Impress Clients And Help You Track Your Time
  • Invoice Template That Will State All The Services Clearly And Also Protect You From Overworking While Working With A Client
  • Pricing Template That Will Position You Easily As The Expert While Making Easy For Them To Say Yes
Hear from ordinary people who have benefited from these knowledge:
Earned additional $20,000 with these internet marketing consultancy insights
Before learning these strategies, it was challenging to find, pitch and close consultancy deals. However, upon learning these information, I easily closed $20,000 consultancy deals with a few months. The information is very simple to follow and practical, designed to ramp up your business in a very short time frame.

- Wilson Tsen

Now, Clients only think about how they can pay me
In the past, when I met up with prospects, I used to spend lots of time persuading them to hire me. Once I used the sales templates, they only think about how can they hire me, a complete refreshing change. If you are looking to clinch deals easily, you have to definitely follow this step by step guidelines in building a 5 figures internet marketing consultancy with minimal resistance.

- Faizal Yusmal

Clinched RM9,000 for my first internet marketing consultancy deal
I have zero experience in internet marketing consultancy however I used the sales templates and easily clinched my first client with minimal resistance. Since then, I have acquired several clients easily within a few months. This is the real deal to earn 5 figures as an internet marketing consultant and make money quickly.

- Chris Seah

Sounds Great! What Is The Investment For This Knowledge?

There are other internet marketing consultancy courses that teach you how to execute a project, however there is none that provides a step by step methodology to help you get your bearings right, market effectively and close the clients easily.I believe that is the bigger issue that internet marketers face, rather than executing the internet marketing knowledge that they already know.

Once you implement this knowledge very quickly, I am confident that you can cover the cost of this course within one month many times over. One internet marketing consultancy project will generate at least $4,000 or more, which means that you already earn 400% returns on investment already.

The good news is that you do not have to struggle anymore in profiting from your internet marketing skills. You can profit now once you purchase this product.

So are you ready to hit 5 figures in 3 months now?

Yes! I Am Ready To Hit 5 Figures Internet Marketing Consultancy With This Home Course!

Speak to you soon.

Pam Siow
CEO of Internet BizOwners Club

PS: These are REAL skills that I have applied to my own consultancy projects that have earned me more than $8,000 per project. Join me in this program as I believe you will be able to hit your financial goals in no time. :)

PSS: Unable to purchase the e-product online? No problem, call us at (Singapore) +65 6521 3158 or (Malaysia +601 620 224 17 and we will guide you on other payment methods.

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